Sunday, 1 January 2012

My experience in creating this blog

I had an easy time in creating this blog because my CCA in primary school had already taught me how to create a blog and it seemed like it was like a normal practice or activity in my CCA. Blogging can be a part of my learning experience in SST because I get to share things I've learnt in school, and  can read other students blogs and can maybe learn new things and their feelings about school.

Feelings about my posting to SST

When I received a letter that I was accepted to SST, I was shocked, elated and sad at the same time. First I was shocked because I thought i would not be accepted to SST in the first place because  I thought I had no hope in getting into the school because i was on the waiting list. Secondly,  I was elated because I was accepted into my dream school. Lastly I was sad because if I entered this school, I could not go to a school which a lot of my friends would go to.   I chose this picture because shock was the strongest emotion I when i received the letter.